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Degradation kinetics

Evaluation of degradation study data:

  • OECD 307: aerobic or anaerobic soil
  • OECD 308: water/sediment
  • OECD 309: surface water
  • field dissipation trials
  • Various phys-chem studies like aqueous photolysis and hydrolysis

according to FOCUS kinetics and the EFSA guidance on deriving a soil matrix DegT50.

Bioaccumulation kinetics

Kinetic method for deriving a BCF/BAF value from bioaccumulation studies:

  • OECD 305: bioaccumulation in fish
  • OECD 317: bioaccumulation in earthworms

Regulatory fate modelling

PEC calculations for Annex I Renewal (AIR) and product registration in the European Union, including zonal and national requirements for e.g. the Northern Zone, Germany and the Netherlands:

  • FOCUS groundwater (including zonal and national requirements for e.g. the Northern Zone)
  • FOCUS surface water
  • PEC soil calculations


QSAR statements estimating the following endpoints based on ECHA guidance:

  • Photooxidation in air (Atkinson calculations)
  • $\log K_{\rm ow}$
  • Bioconcentration factor (BCF) in the context of PBT/vPvB assessment
  • $\log K_{\rm oc}$

The above endpoints can often be estimated with reasonable certainty, depending on the intended use. In addition, sometimes it makes sense to derive the following endpoints:

  • EC$_{50}$ values from ecotoxicological tests
  • Various physicochemical endpoints

Method development and critical reviews

I am always eager to assist in the development and review of up to date methods for data evaluation and modelling, or to review new regulatory developments. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested.